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News: 25 July 2017

We haven't heard from 322cdb in a while but I'm happy to maintain the database as best I can :)

Since I'm not the administrator, I can't edit 322cdb's original posts; I can only remove them. I'm deleting any of theirs with broken PB images and just creating new ones.
Not being the admin also means I'm not notified of replies to their posts so please comment here if any links are broken or if you know of a conversion to add.

Some little collection folder icons:
Documents > EA Games > The Sims 2 > Collections > Icons

Browse by game:
  Life Stories
  Pet Stories
  Castaway Stories

Other links:
  Lord Darcy's LifeStories CEP file
  shastakiss' re-upload of many of Richief's conversions
  shastakiss' LifeStories buy bundle notes
  shastakiss' updated ls_buy.bundle and associated files

Yahoo! Groups with Stories content (may or may not be compatible with TS2):
  TS2 Advent